Our new TG shafts are finally available

Our new Joker, Jailbird SL and Jailbird Pro shafts might be the perfect fit for you. Click trough our simple Fitting Tool to find out if they fit your swing.

TG Schäfte

Joker Shaft

The perfect fit for players with a slow swing and smooth transition.

  •  Trajectory: Mid 
  •  Spin: Mid
  •  Tempo: Slow/Moderate
  •  Flex: R
  •  Weight: 62
  •  Length: 41
  •  Torque: 3,5

Jailbrid SL 

A lightweight and flexible shaft with a soft feel and great stability. The ideal fit for moderate swing speed.

  • Trajectory: High
  • Spin: High
  • Tempo: Moderate
  • Flex: R
  • Weight: 100g
  • Length: 41

Jailbird Pro 

A tour weight shaft for players seeking for a low penetrating ball flight. Maximum control and accuracy guaranteed. 

  • Trajectory: Low
  • Spin: Low
  • Tempo: Moderate/Fast
  • Flex: S
  • Weight: 130
  • Length: 41
RB-2 Milled Silver

RB-2 Milled Silver

179,95 €
RB-2 Milled Black

RB-2 Milled Black

179,95 €
Putter ausverkauft

Charlie MR-1 Putter

1.200,00 €